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You will need to supply either the student's Rutgers University student id, or the Social Security number. The information you enter on this screen will only be used to look up the student record in Rutgers University databases. The Social Security number will not be given to anyone outside of Rutgers University. Please read the following confidentiality statement before proceeding.

Enrollment verification is an Adobe Acrobat File. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed, please download it before proceeding.

Personal information Please enter the name under which the student attended Rutgers
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Please enter the Rutgers student id, if you know it, or the Social Security number. Either Rutgers id or SSN is required.* Students who do not know their Rutgers id can find it out by calling one of the Registrar's Offices
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NOTE: If you do not know the student's social security number or Rutgers id, you will not be able to request an enrollment verification through this system. Please have the student contact the Registrar's office to obtain the document you require.